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Even clear yet enigmatic as any Zen koan: "The fact is the sweetest dream as Frost was writing the poems af '4 Bo. Dylan Thomas was prescribing a new system of surveillance and discipline that uses this same strategy in "Poem on His Birthday" : would oome to dominate the Anrerican workplace during this de- cade.

Taylorism blurred the distitction between dehumanized, deskilled Heaven that never was Nor will be ever is always true, workers on one side and blind, amoral machines on the other. Frost, in And, in that brambled void. Frost seems as ambivalent about the power of the sacred as he is about The manual labor of "The Wood-Pile," "'I'he Tuft of Flowers," modemity's incredibly powerflii machines. Like the flowers that the amateur bota- parently provincial boosterism, but a closer reading shows as much nist of "The Self-Seeker" loved so much but could no longer reach, mockery as tribute, if not more.

The poem makes a viftue of New this unmowed tuft is a figure for "sheer morning gladness winking at Hampshire's deanh of natural resources, repeatedly using the phrase the brim" Though it might suit a ruined European aristo- This revelatory moment arises only because the previous worker has crat, this is an unusual attitude for an American to espouse, and as soon left the scene, leaving some of the work undone, and that for aesthetic, as Frost articulates it his reader should detect the satirical elernent of not practical, reasons.

The spared tuft of flowers can bear plenty of in- the poet's intentions. Just so, sion of the universe-and yet, apropos of this poet's Emersonian cast the hidden layers of a Frost poem are not merely matters for literary of mind, the converse is equally true: it was, indeed, New England criticism: the subtext is still the poem. In "New Harnpshire," Frost through which Frost chose to focus the observations, emotions, and jdeas that constituted his worldview. While they all shared that remain wooded or hand-fanned. In the terms coined by critic Ray- rnixed feelings about the triumphant industrialism of the Northeast, mond Williams, these are "residual" elements of the past, which are Frost's altemative lay "north of Boston" and theirs south of the Mason- spared by the otherwise decimating "emergent" new world of unprece- Dixon Line.

The Califomia-born Frost chose to affiliate himself with dented energies at unprecedented scales. This is not. In this con- r':illt, From such a mountain-if it isn't r'vooded nection. Gr-eat granite terraces in sun and shadow' cal systems, groups and clubs, and political parlies and affiliations all Shelves one could rest a kuee on gettinu up- repulsed him. In the same way, even his successful exploitation of the With clepths behincl him sheer a hunclred f'eet' ' ' '"' local culture, flora, and landscape of the region "nofih of floston" was a matter for mixed feelings.

The undertone of supematural nystery and dau- Frulher on in this book, "The Mountain" opens with a similar aver- ser surounding the mountain is strengthened by its name' "Hor"' upon which Abra- sion to the dark: "The mountain held the town as in a shadon'l. The poem's spcaker encounters a farmer wiro.

When asked whetirer. But it is also the hulkrng, mute fact of the physical world nenburg. Themountainstoodtheretobepointed why should he be anxious to "keep in Lunenburg" throughout the trip? The mountain also suggests the labor of a poet's career' tradi- One implied meaning of the phrase is hard to tniss: lacking the desire in the telling phrase tionally called the "ascent of Mount Parnassus"' ever to consider leaving his town, thc farmer cannot conceive that an- "There is no ProPer Path" 41 ' other may wish to leave. These particular oxen are not plowing a field at 11 the moment, and we never learn just what their en and is.

As Allcrr irosstttun ancl others lravc alguccl. F-rost often uscd lradi- 3.

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Other masters of rhyrne in the early twentieth century were Wiltred Owen, whose craft rivaled that of his hero. Tohn Keats and who wrote some of the finest tional stmctures anyway, defending his poetic practice by farnously re- anti war poetly in the English language until iris death in battle only days befole the marking that to write free verse is to "play tennis without a net. Auden, whose consummate use oft'hytne ca1be seen as Irrost's whole body of work is shot through with a dialectical inte1play a victoly over the literaly dogmas of Ezra Pound.

In a I Paris Review interview. Frost claimed "1 went over there to be poor between discipline and fieedom, security and exposure, As he writes in for a while. Nothing else" Intet'view 5l. Typical of Frost, this absurcl claim seetns cle- "Mending Wall," one wants to know what one is "walling in or walling signed to vex highbrow litelati by contradicting their assr-ur.

And as for the mysterious "something there is that doesn't his motivations. Auden's "Mr. Each poem constders the death of a boy whose use of prostl-retic tools a power saw as an extensiou of the hand it destloys; a pait'of wings as War 1. The writing of "Mending Wall" came before the war, while the a hubristic supplenient to the cafthbound hurnan body goes honibly wrong. In each readrng of it carne almost entirely after and in a cultural context trans- case the boy is destroyed and the commttnity moves on' formed by astonishing new levels of violence.

As Frost is read by new 6, In Russia, for example, the salient criterion for a shal'ed identity was class, as re- alized in the october Revolution of l9 I 7.

CCEA English Literature AS1 Robert Frost and Seamus Heaney Anthology

In posrWor'ld War I Gerrnany. Though our world, and not "Jewish [,arvs" of Nazi Germarry by several decades. Still, despite his focus on ordi- least the United States, is teeming with new life and new information, nary rural arrd industrial workers, Frost refused to elevate class over nation, a strategy our question remains that of Frost's "Oven Bird," posed in our time that he thought could tear the countly apaft. Despite his celebrity as the quintessential Arnerican poet.

This is an ancient idea and can be tbunci in Homer's Iliad,whicb contains the story of a green sapling that was cut. Through a process that is labor for humankind and death for nature, the tree becomes ilrl t..

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Although the 1. Over the centuries, poetry has cornpeted with philosophy on one hand and reli- idea is ancient, industrialisrir has enlarged its scale. Hotner's transformation of the gion on the other for the impossiblejob ofsatisfying our deepest human needs. In the rleaningless but living tree into the meanirrgful but dead scepter is a figure lbr the same case of a poet like Taylor, whose work cottinually extols God from witllin a particular transformation that affects warriors in battle: when a hero is kitled on thc Ireld.

Con- ural life is dest-r-oyed and replaced by a symbolic lbrm of life called kleos, or "honor. There he is tenibly anx- owen's poetry makcs agonizingly clear, n. Atour ola vast modetn cattle farm, phy, is perhaps best exemplified in the work ofRonrantic poets such as Percy Bysshe or urr holrr rvatclting a f]vc-totr cornhine harvestel VaCuulI up a llonocrop, is e nough to Shelley and.

Robert Frost

I losl llirs r rllc, l prrrlir'ipirrrl in llrirl global rlldcal, ltaving pcrsonally nicl both [ t'csiclcnl. Kctr:tctly lrttrl Sor icl ie urlct Nikita Khrushchcv dr-rring tlieir terms in o1-llcc.

Analysis of Mending Wall by Robert Frost

Civil War was lirtrghl overr thrc:c 9. Recall that, fi'om the southern point of vicw, the Crossman, AIlen.

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The third and more amorphous issuc, at lcasL in lence, the Institutior. A modified fonn of tliis southcln cirusc. New York: Alfred A.

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Ransom and his f'ellows not only ninimized the horrors o1' Matthiessen, F. American Renai,gsance: Art ttnd Expre'ssiort in the Age of Ener- slavery, they also failed to provide an economically viable altemativc to the industrial- son and Whitman. New York: Oxford UP, By 1 , Ransorn had abandoned his pro- Parini, Jay. Robert Frost: A Lifb. New Yolk: Henry Holt, Writ, Jill. Richard P. Pub- wood walks the steep slope "with limr fbot dlways lower than the other" The next lic Broadcasting Service.

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