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Generally many programmers work together on different pieces of the software and then integrate these pieces to build the system. In large software development projects where the applications, tools, code, and data are distributed across the network, programmers typically loose track of where the application code lies. Productivity will certainly increase when access to individual parts of the software components becomes easier and faster. Figure Programming Environment for object oriented programming: Class and subclass declarations organized in multiple windows Most of the software development environments in use today are file-based.

In these environments, programmers organize code as separate windows for each file. Programmers typically need to reference different parts of the code, such as data declarations, procedure declarations, bodies, and invocations, as well as related documentation like execution charts, and reports. It is beneficial to provide programmers with environments that enable them to group information and manage multiple windows easily on the desktop.

Object oriented technology is widely used in industry to overcome problems of large complex software development. Molloy dcu. You may not pass this document to anybody. By using this document, you must obey the following conditions: You must be taking this module for personal private study, and will not reuse any of the materials supplied i. All rights reserved. While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the reliability and continuity of this Hypermedia document, this material is supplied for general reference only and should not be relied on without further specific inquiry.

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A class is represented as SomeClass , an interface by SomeInterface and and exception by SomeException - All classes, interfaces and exceptions begin with a capital letter and further words in the name are also capitalised. If a class, interface or exception is underlined hyperlinked then you can follow the link to the API documentation directly, so for example String will display the Java API documentation for the String class.

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This is linked to the SUN site, so you will have to remain on-line to use this feature. It will open the pages in a new window always the same one. An object is represents as someObject - All objects begin with a lower-case letter and further words in the object name are capitalised. A method is represented as someMethod even if it has parameters.

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All methods begin with a lower-case letter. In general language a literal is given as public , a type as int , and a variable as someInt. A command , such as at the DOS prompt is represented as javac Test. A filename is represented as SomeFile. I have tried to make the HTML output as generic as possible to work on all browsers. All images have been edited in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and converted to. All Java code has been tested with JDK 1. Output is styled using CSS only. Dedicated to the hard work of all the students that have completed this module, with special thanks to those who have provided suggestions or helped correct errors and omissions throughout the years.

Derek Molloy DCU. Object-Oriented Programming For Engineers. Legal Information.

Document Format Information. If something is important it is represented like this. Technical Document and Content Information. Table of Contents 1. Destructors and Arrays. Exercise 4. Passing parameters to an Applet. Images, Sound and Mouse! Button Checkboxes java.

1- Using Object oriented programming with arduino in C++ - first class and header

Checkbox Radio Buttons java. CheckboxGroup Choice Buttons java. Choice Labels java. Label TextFields java.

Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming, Second Edition

FlowLayout GridLayout java. GridLayout BorderLayout java. BorderLayout The Panel Container java. List TextArea java. TextArea Scrollbar java. The Colour Chooser Applet Multithreading Why use threads? Threads - A better way? The Random Draw Thread The Image Loader Application List of Figures 1. The concept of a class - television example. The Television class example. The Television objects example. The Television interface example.

The Television class example showing encapsulation. The Duck class showing inheritance. The grouped set of classes. The Base class and Derived class. The over-ridden draw method. The abstract draw method in the Vehicle class. The abstract draw method in the Vehicle and Car classes. The Waterfall Model 1.

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