Instant Pain Control: Using the Bodys Trigger Points

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Best Mattresses For Trigger Point Pain Relief

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Trigger Points: Diagnosis and Management

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The Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps of A healthy lifestyle is about more than just proper nutrition and exercise. Medically reviewed by Drugs. Last updated on Jun 19, Trigger points are often called muscle knots. They are a tight lump in an area of muscle that can cause pain.

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You may have trigger points in your neck, shoulders, or upper and lower back. You may have them in your head or jaws. You may also have them in your buttocks or legs. You may only have one trigger point or you may have many in the different areas of your body.

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Trigger points may be caused by muscle injury. They may also form if you use the muscle too much, or you have repeated minor stress to the muscle.

Minor stress may result from things such as poor posture and sleep position. Emotional stress may also cause trigger points. This can happen when stress makes you tense certain muscles, such as those in your shoulders and neck. Your healthcare provider will ask about your health history.

He will also ask you to describe your pain. You may need certain tests to rule out other conditions. Your healthcare provider will look for a hard lump in your muscle. He may press on or squeeze the tissue over this lump.

He will do this to see if the muscle twitches quick movements and if you have any pain. These signs help your healthcare provider know if you have a trigger point. You may also need tests to make sure your pain is not related to a more serious condition. Tests include:. You may bruise or get an infection in the area your trigger point injections shots were given.

The shots may cause you to feel faint.