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  • A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature.
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    Select All Verses. A lexicon is just a dictionary. Greek scholars prefer to use the term lexicon because they know the plural and you don't. I use three lexicons:. Louw and Eugene A. This is the easiest lexicon to use for general translation work, and the fastest one to look things up in. Most lexicons try to give you a feeling for the different kinds of meanings that a word might have, then point you to examples which illustrate each meaning.

    To really understand them, you have to digest the examples carefully. This lexicon gives fewer examples and more complete definitions, which makes it much easier to grasp the meaning quickly.

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    It also lets you look up words in English and translate them into Greek, which can be useful for exercises that require you to write Greek. To use this lexicon, always start with the second volume and look up the word in the alphabetical list. If you don't, you will never figure out how to use it. Wilbur Gingrich, Frederick Danker.

    The Reader's Edition of the UBS5 Greek New Testament

    Chicago : University of Chicago Press, ISBN: This is the standard Greek lexicon for New Testament studies. I find that it takes longer to use than Louw and Nida, but gives a more mature understanding. It gives many more examples, and also points out grammatical features of the words, which can be extremely helpful.

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    This lexicon does not attempt to give you a full dictionary definition; instead, it tries to give you the data to allow you to develop your own. This lexicon is for classical Greek, not for New Testament Greek, but it can often give very helpful insights into the meanings of words. Scholars consider it extremely authoritative. The really cool thing about this site is that you can look at the definition of a word, see where it was used in Greek literature, and click on the reference to see the word in the original text!

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    You can also use this page to translate English into Greek, parse the forms of words, examine the frequency of words, etc. A solid grasp of grammar is absolutely essential to understanding any language, and using the right reference grammar makes it much easier to grasp Greek grammar. Unfortunately, Greek grammars tend to differ in their use of vocabulary, and most of the ones I will recommend here use linguistic terms and approaches from the last century.

    There are grammars which use more modern linguistics, but so far I'm not convinced that these have as firm a grasp on the Greek language. These are the grammars which I recommend:. Harvard University Press, This is by far the easiest reference grammar to understand. It is incredibly well organized, systematic, and contains lots of examples.

    However, it is actually a classical Greek grammar, not a New Testament Greek grammar, which means that some of his descriptions aren't quite accurate for the New Testament.

    I generally look here first, then look to Robertson for New Testament examples. Robertson , Broadman-Holmann, This massive yellow tome contains lots of New Testament examples to illustrate every grammatical principal, and the index of scripture citations seems to list a citation for the majority of verses in the New Testament. I strongly prefer this to any other New Testament grammar, but it is easier to read if I look at the shorter, more systematic explanations in Smyth first. Robertson is quirky at times, but very rich.

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    In addition, he wrote a shorter grammar, but I prefer to use Smyth when I need a shorter grammar, since the explanations in Robertson's shorter grammar are sometimes oversimplified to the extent that they seem to contradict his longer grammar, especially for issues involving tense and aspect.

    University of Chicago Press, I don't know the ISBN. This grammar is quite good, but it is less systematic than Smyth, and presents fewer examples and less explanation than Robertson. I prefer the combination of Smyth and Robertson, but if I had to settle for just one grammar, it would be this one. I have never seen the English version edited by Funk; I have only the German version. Editrice Pontificio Istituto Biblico, This very slim book has extremely clear, simple explanations.

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    • Better yet, it is keyed to a verse-by-verse grammatical analysis which tells you exactly which article to turn to in the grammar when you are looking at a difficult construction in the Bible. Highly recommended. I bought both books from Loyola University Press: Howard, and Nigel Turner. It is one of the best. Ideally, we would all speak Greek as fluently as our native language, reading with perfect understanding without external help. As in most European countries, English speaking Greeks can be found with relative ease.

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